The All Access Challenge Pack – UPDATED!

A few months back, Beachbody introduced the MOTHER LOAD of all challenge packs… the All Access Challenge Pack! It was (and still is) amazing! I reviewed it in a post back in February and over the past eight months it has seen some changes… mainly in programs available, Shakeology flavors available, and most importantly, A PRICE DROP! Read on for my updated review from February (keep an eye out for text in this color for new updates) and if you’d like to take advantage of the 25% off sale going on until the end of September fill out this form! Continue reading →

Recommitting to Yourself

If you follow me on social media then you know that Monday I returned to the States from two and a half weeks in Europe… and it was absolutely incredible! Bruce and I flew into Paris and spent seventeen days making our way down through France and Spain, ending in Seville for the wedding of my childhood friend. We saw amazing sights, spent some incredible time together, and enjoyed embracing other cultures. And part of traveling for me includes trying all of the incredible local food and drink… and that’s how I’m getting to the point of this post.

I ate and drink… A LOT while we were overseas. I said before we left that I was going to give myself the freedom to enjoy EVERY part of the countries we visited and for this trip that meant lots of paella, crepes, cheese, ham, calamari, croquettes, croissants… pretty much all of the carbs you can think of! It also included sleeping in late, staying out until the wee hours of the morning, and drinking alcohol at basically every single meal… and then lots more once the sun went down! And while we walked a TON during our travels, I didn’t go on a single run or push play on a single workout. Continue reading →

Race Review: The RVA Trifecta

Last Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, downed a cup of coffee and a gomacro bar (peanut butter chocolate chip, my fave), and headed to the Fan in Richmond, VA to take on the RVA Trifecta! This review won’t follow my normal pattern of categories… because it’s unlike any “race” I’ve ever done! Keep reading for all of my thoughts on this very fun, VERY Richmond triathlon!

The RVA Trifecta consisted of three different legs or events: a cycle class, a run, and a yoga class. All three put together to make one hell of a fun and challenging Sunday morning! The Trifecta was broken up into waves and the goal was to sign up based on your 5K predicted time. I chose the very first wave at 7:00 AM… and while it was definitely an early wake up that morning, I was happy to beat the heat of a sunny June day by the time we got around to yoga on Monument Avenue! The other two heats began at 8:05 and 9:15 for anyone needing some extra z’s. Continue reading →

Insanity Max:30 Review

Last Friday I took on my final workout of Insanity Max:30, Friday Fight Round 2, and thus ended my eight week love affair with Shaun T! Guys, this program is one of my absolute favorites, for so many reasons! Shaun T, no equipment, progressions, body weight training… they all combine to make an incredible program full of amazing workouts that will get you results! Read on for my full review of Insanity Max:30.

The Workouts

Insanity Max:30 consists of eight weeks, five workouts per week (or six if you include the recovery workout, Pulse), and 30 minutes per day. The program is split into two months (Month 1 and Month 2), with the workouts getting progressively more challenging as you move from Month 1 to 2. For Month 1, you’ll rotate through five different workouts: Cardio Challenge, Tabata Power, Sweat Intervals, Tabata Strength and Friday Fight: Continue reading →