22 Minute Hard Corps Review

“It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.”

Well, nine weeks later, I’ve officially finished 22 Minute Hard Corps! I’m stronger, leaner, more confident and happy with my results. I wanted to take some time and give my review of the program (I’m going to talk mainly about the fitness aspect and the workouts, not so much IMG_3472the nutrition because the program essentially follows the same meal plan as the 21 Day Fix).

So first off, why did I choose 22 Minute Hard Corps? I knew that I wanted something that was a bit more challenging than 21 Day Fix and incorporated HIIT training. I also needed something that wasn’t incredibly time intensive. Working full time and then putting in at least 1-2 hours at night with coaching, I needed a program that I could push play on when I got home everyday, and wouldn’t keep me in my gym for hours. I saw 22 Minute Hard Corps and read a few reviews. 22 minutes? Yeah, I could probably make that happen everyday. So I purchased it in a challenge pack (along with Beachbody Performance Line’s “Energize” and “Recover”… more on those in another post soon) and made the commitment to complete it.

IMG_5244The program itself is split into 8 weeks with an optional “Hell Week Challenge” during week 9. There are three different types of workouts: Cardio, Resistance, and Core; 3 levels each of Cardio and Resistance and 2 levels of Core – so 8 different workouts all together. What I liked most was that the program built onto itself as the weeks passed. Unlike the 21 Day Fix, each week was different and the workouts became more intense as I went along.

The cardio workouts were HARD, but also some of my favorites! What I loved about these three workouts were the different moves in each of them. It wasn’t just high-knees, running in place, or jumping jacks… we’re talking water bugs, gorilla crawls, and run-lunge-squats (among other insane fantastic moves). The format is three rounds of either 5 or 7 moves and let me tell you… you will WORK! I don’t think there was ever a workout where I wasn’t covered in sweat by the end. The cardio workouts also incorporate resistance with squats, lunges and push-ups, which I loved.72BF5874-3DAF-47D1-B669-1FAA773F4D83

The resistance workouts were also challenging, but Tony provides modifications for you to build on, just like in other Beachbody programs. And just like in the cardio workouts, the moves were always new, exciting (think mountain squat, burpee press, and punch-pull!), and extremely challenging. Resistance workouts took the same format, 3 rounds of 5-7 moves and also left me sweating like a fool and sore as all get out the next day! Throughout the entire program I used my 8 pound dumbbells for moves requiring two weights and my 12 pounder for moves requiring one weight (jump squats mainly). I enjoyed the fact that the resistance workouts weren’t ONLY weight lifting. The entire premises of the program is a boot-camp style workout, so even the resistance had cardio thrown in and I definitely nIMG_4425eeded the 22 second water breaks between each set!

The two core workouts were exactly the same except in Core 1 we did 11 reps of each move and in Core 2 we did 22 reps of the same move. These workouts were technically optional, but when have I ever shied away from an “optional” workout?! Core (1 for the first month and 2 for the second month) workouts are done on Cardio days, so my total workout time would end up being about 33 minutes on those days instead of 22. But the core workouts were intense and straight to the point and I really enjoyed them. My one gripe with Core was that all of the moves were done on the ground. I would have liked to see Tony incorporate a few standing ab moves into it, but it still kicked my ass abs every other day!IMG_5318

Now on to the Hell Week Challenge. So for the first 8 weeks of the program, you’re doing one 22 minute workout a day for 6 days a week (Sunday is a rest day) – or 3 22 minutes workouts and 3 33 minute workouts a week if you add in the
Core work. The Hell Week Challenge is optional for week 9. It’s 7 days straight and either 2 Resistance workouts or 2 Cardio’s and 1 Core workout each day. Holy heck was it tough! After the first two days I was sore as could be… even after completing the full 8 weeks prior! But I pushed through it and am so happy I did. The sense of accomplishment after not only finishing a full fitness program but also the optional parts is amazing!

IMG_5350So let’s talk results and final thoughts! All together I lost a total of seven inches, mainly in my waist and hips… woot woo! I actually gained about a pound, but my before and after pictures assured me that it was muscle that was gained and not fat! Did I follow the meal plan 100%? No. But I completed every single workout and am happy with my results (the nutrition aspect is still a work in progress for me y’all!). I gained so much strength and confidence during the nine weeks, including working out in just a sports bra for the first time ever, and buying a pull up bar (and using it!). Who would I recommend this program to? Anyone who likeIMG_5357s high intensity, boot-camp style workouts and doesn’t have a ton of time to spend in the gym (or in my case, your spare bedroom). It’s no-nonsense and there is very little warm up and cool down so make sure to account for that and get in a good stretch or light jog prior to starting.

Pros: only 22 minutes; high-intensity; fun and challenging; new moves; builds on itself; will definitely get you results

IMG_5353Cons: no standing ab moves in the Core workouts; very little warm up and cool down; some of the moves are difficult to get the hang of the first few times


Equipment needed: dumbbells; jump mat (trust me, your knees will thank you!); pull up bar or resistance bands

Ready to take on the challenge of 22 Minute Hard Corps? Email me to learn more or purchase! (teamsoretodaysoartomorrow@gmail.com


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