Why I Quit the Ultimate Reset

Well guys, if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any recent posts on my Instagram or Facebook about my last week of the Ultimate Reset… it’s because I quit about half way through the final week. I’m not one to stop before I end a program, but I did with this one, and I want to talk about why and a few things I learned about myself during my two and a half week journey.


First, my timing was off and my mindset was less than stellar. I began the Ultimate Reset half way through training for the Richmond Half Marathon. Why? Well, I wanted to do the Reset with my Coach so we could support each other and I wanted to finish it before leaving for Mexico (spoiler alert, Mexico has been postponed due to Bruce’s broken leg). I knew that I would be training during the Reset but I figured that I could take my long runs slow and not push myself too hard. Turns out I was wrong, and you really shouldn’t work out on the Reset (more about that later). I also noticed my mindset growing less and less committed as the days went on. I’m actually not sure why. I’ve always began and ended each program I’ve started with full commitment, but for some reason, the Reset wasn’t the same. Maybe because it’s solely focused on nutrition? Seems like I do much better with a program that includes both nutrition and exercise. No matter the reason, I became pretty cynical towards the whole thing there at the end… which I did not enjoy!


Second, I didn’t see or feel any life changing results. I see so many people on social media and other Coaches that have had incredible results using the Reset. But I just didn’t. I didn’t start the program looking to lose weight, I started it to gain a new relationship with food. But I never had any kind of “ah-ha” moment. Maybe I didn’t have a terrible nutrition mindset to begin with? I’d like to think that, but I know I indulge in my fair share of unhealthy foods from time to time and don’t always live by the 80/20 rule (somethings it’s more like 50/50, haha). So maybe it was just that I wasn’t needing to make a huge change. I did love weaning myself off of caffeine, that was amazing and something I’ll stick with! When it came to weight loss or a new found sense of incredible energy… I didn’t seem to find anything miraculous. But again, I didn’t follow the entire three week program like I should have… maybe I would have had some life altering moment on day 20??


Third, I really missed working out… like really really missed it. Yes, I still ran three to four days a week, but I missed my insanely sweaty Insanity Max:30 workouts or my super quick and effective 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts. Hell, I even missed Total Body Cardio from 21 Day Fix… one of my most dreaded ones to push play on!! You’re not supposed to do ANY intense exercise on the Reset, but those two and a half weeks showed me how much these at-home programs have become such a huge part of my life. When I came home from work I felt like something was missing. Normally I would go change and press play right away, so it was really hard to not be in my normal routine. I also felt like I lost a lot of the progress I was making. Now I know that 16 days of not working out won’t destroy everything you’ve gained (booty gains, muscle gains, ab gains, allll the gains)… but I definitely wasn’t moving forward in my fitness, and that was hard for me! Moral of the story, I love pushing play each day and when I can’t, it’s hard on my body but mostly on my mind!


And finally, the Ultimate Reset remended me just how much I love the 21 Day Fix container system for my nutrition… and Shakeology!! The Reset started off great with salmon for the first dinner and then a grilled chicken salad for lunch the next day. We then moved into tempeh territory and I could deal (y’all, baked tempeh is delicious)… but then we slowly phased out tempeh and pretty much all other protein and it was fruits, veggies and grains. This is where I started to struggle. I know the program is all about resetting your body and cleansing, but it was very very difficult for my body to adjust to the lack of protein. Now I’m pretty sure this was due mostly to the fact that I was still running four times a week, but boy was it hard! What this really taught me was how much I absolutely love the 21 Day Fix meal plan. Those little containers are bae… seriously. I’m so used to planning out my meals with clean eating and portion control that it was difficult to NOT do that for three weeks. Trust me, I’ve never been happier to run out of yellow containers than when I did the first day after I ended my Reset, haha! And don’t get me started on Shakeology. Yes, you can have Shakeo on the Reset (although it’s not recommended), but you’re limited to half a serving, vegan only, and none of the yummy add ins that make me love this super food shake so much!


So, final thoughts on the Ultimate Reset: While I didn’t finish out the entire program, I did complete enough to learn a few things and get some pros and cons:

Pros – weight loss (while I didn’t have a dramatic transformation, I did in fact lose weight and I’m sure it would have been more if I had finished the full three weeks); no more caffeine; learned a ton of new delicious recipes; realized how much I truly love fitness and the container system!

Cons – price (the Reset itself is pricey but then you also have a LOT of food to purchase each week); lack of protein; not being able to workout

Would I recommend the Ultimate Reset? Yes and no. For me, I didn’t see a dramatic change in my eating habits, lifestyle, or relationship with food. In fact, I realized how much I truly love the 21 Day Fix meal plan. I WOULD recommend it for someone who is really looking to make a big lifestyle change and kick off an amazing nutrition and health journey. The Reset is a serious kick in the butt in the right direction for cleansing your body and then moving into the 21 Day Fix clean eating plan.

All in all, the Reset wasn’t right for me (at least, not at this time), but I would absolutely recommend it for someone looking to begin their journey. Interested in giving it a shot and then moving into an at-home fitness program? Or maybe looking for something a little less intense like the 3 Day Refresh (can’t say enough good things about this program)? Feel free to e-mail me at dstrosnider005@gmail.com and let’s chat!

What do YOU think?