How to Fit Home Delivery Into Your Meal Plan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably seen the onslaught of food delivery programs that have come out. Blue Apron, Home Chef, Terra’s Kitchen, Purple Carrot… and the list goes on and on! I use Hello Fresh, not because I’ve looked into all of the other options and done any research, but because a friend gave us a free week and I loved it, so I kept ordering!
img_7252At first I was concerned about how Hello Fresh would fit into my meal plan with my Beachbody programs. 21 Day Fix and all other programs are all about clean eating and portion control. Basically, making your food fresh. So I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to be able to plan for the week. Guys, I’m here to tell you, you can absolutely use Hello Fresh for your dinners, save money, AND stick to your Beachbody meal plan! Here’s how…

First off, how does Hello Fresh work? Super simple! You make an account and choose your family size and meal plan. For Bruce and I, I obviously
choose two people and I also pick the Classic Plan which includes a mix of meat and veggie dishes (there are also vegetarian plan options). You choose which day of the week you want your delivery (Mondays for us), how many meals (we do four, but you can choose between three to six), and thenfullsizeoutput_bd4
which meals. Usually there are several to choose from and you can customize which meals you would like as part of your box. With doing four meals, we usually eat them Monday-Thursday nights, which allows the weekends for flexibility!


Portion Size: For me, the biggest struggle with cooking dinner for two is getting the right amount. I either cook too little, or entirely too much. We’re absolutely terrible about eating leftovers and they always end up sitting in the refrigerator and stinking the place up. Hello Fresh has been an absolute life savor when it comes to perfect portion sizes for two! Each meal usually comes with about 4 oz of protein, a veggie and a starch and the portions are big enough for Bruce to not be hungry later, and small enough for us to not waste any at all! I portion my serving out into my 21 Day Fix containers and usually there is a bit left over so I fill Bruce’s plate up with the rest! Goodbye stinky leftovers and guilty conscious for wasting so much food each week!


img_7408Meal Planning: When Bruce and I first started dating I would prepare gourmet meals every single night… fast forward to four years, one house and a dog later… and that’s been thrown out the window! Long gone are the days of scouring Pinterest for the perfect meal and spending two hours in the kitchen after work making it look and taste perfect, life no longer allows for that. I don’t know about y’all, but I found myself stuck in a rut. I was cooking the same things over and over again or just saying “screw it, let’s order out.” With Hello Fresh I’m able to make a new and tasty meal every night using FRESH ingredients! I love being able to see the meals weeks in advance and using them to plan out my meal planning spreadsheet. It’s so helpful to see EXACTLY what ingredients are in a meal before you receive it, that way I can plan out how many containers each meal will be using and plug that into my meal plan spreadsheet to stay on track with my nutrition goals. Beachbody nutrition guides are completely centered around portion control and clean eating, so knowing that all of the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced is a HUGE plus and allows every meal to be incorporated into my meal plan.


Saving Money: When I tell people that I purchase Shakeology every month AND Hello Fresh every week, they think it’s way too expensive. But I sat down and calculated it out (nerd style) and I’m actually saving money by using both in my meal plan! Let’s start with Hello Fresh. I pay $85 a week for four mealsimg_7178 for two people (so eight meals total). While $10/meal seems like a lot, as I said before I usually would give up with coming up with recipes and we would order out A LOT. Trust me, ordering dinner for delivery every night is extremely costly. Even for local restaurant delivery we were spending at least $30 per night, so Hello Fresh ends up saving us a lot of money AND allows us to eat healthier! For the other three nights of the week, I either cook or we go out to eat, but three nights versus seven is SO much better! When it comes to Shakeology, with my Coach’s fee I end up spending $120 a month for my daily shakes (however, to be completely transparent, my Coaching easily covers this entire cost each month). I drink one for lunch daily which has drastically eliminated a huge chunk of change that I was spending on eating out at the office. I mean seriously, since when did a salad from Chick-fil-A become $10?? So my weekly grocery list now consists of snacks (fresh veggies, nuts, fruits) and breakfast foods (oatmeal or greek yogurt… I’m a creature of habit) and costs me about $20-$30 per week. While Hello Fresh isn’t a drastic money saver, it’s absolutely working for my budget AND helping us to eat a healthy and delicious meal during the week, all while sticking to my meal plan and seeing results with each Beachbody program that I complete!


Interested in trying out Hello Fresh and seeing how easy it is to fit into your meal plan? Use my code PR9C68 to save $40 off your first box! Comment below with your favorite Hello Fresh recipes that you’ve had so far and any other Home Delivery programs you like!

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