A Fit Chick’s Christmas Guide

It’s that time of year and Christmas shopping is in full swing! Every year I tell myself I’m going to start my shopping after Thanksgiving… and every year I wait until the week before. If you have a fit chick in your life and are wondering what she might want under the tree on December 25th, I’ve put together a list of my favorite fitness and running products and where to buy them!

Epsom Salt Soak: I’m obsessed with baths… like seriously obsessed. Something about soaking in a tub of bubbles after a long day just totally relaxes me and puts me in a much better mindset! Even better is when your bubble bath can double it’s purpose and help relieve sore muscles from a heavy workout. Enter my all time fav (and super cheap) bubble bath… Dr. Teals! This stuff is liquid gold. It bubbles like crazy (a capful goes a long way), contains Epsom salt to help with soreness, and also has lavender essential oils to give you a little aromatherapy while you’re at it! It comes in a ginormous bottle and is about $5… and trust me, it will last you for a while! Get it here!

Nike Legend Pants: These are my absolute go-to for workout gear and the ONLY pants that I run in… seriously, I’m kind of a snob. Whether you’re running 20 miles, doing a hot yoga class, or getting in a good workout, these pants will stay in place, hold it all in, and look awesome the entire time. I love them mainly for the high waist band. I don’t know about y’all, but I appreciate having a high banded pant to feel a little more in control during my workout, and not have to worry about what my belly is doing! These pants don’t ride up or down, which is a huge plus during a long run! I’m a creature of habit and pretty much only buy them in black (because you know, it’s like a funeral for my fat), but they come in lots of fun colors and designs! You can also choose between long or capri, both of which deliver the same form-fitting shape and heavy duty performance. Get a pair here!

Challenge Pack: Want to give her the ultimate package when it comes to health and fitness? How about a challenge pack! She’ll get one month of Shakeology (I’d go with the Barista Combo pack for Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cafe Latte flavors), plus an at-home fitness program! My go-to programs with a challenge pack to recommend are the 21 Day Fix (this program teaches you the basics of clean eating and portion control and comes with containers and 7 daily workouts), Core De Force (an MMA-inspired program that will leave you sweating your face off and seriously shredded… plus it’s crazy fun!), or three months of Beachbody On Demand (basically the Netflix of workouts, tons of full programs and any kind of fitness routine you want to choose from). Order through me and you’ll get the challenge pack for $140… that means she’ll be getting a program for only $10! Click here to order through my site, or contact me directly and I can help you choose the best program!

Camelbak  Circuit Hydration Pack: For your fit chick who’s a long distance runner… this is my savior on anything over eight miles! The Circuit is lightweight (their lightest pack in the line), and allows you to carry 1.5 liters of water to easily access through the bite valve straw throughout your run! I love that the water bladder doesn’t bounce around on your back and the straps keep it nicely in place, even when it’s completely full. At first I thought that I would get annoyed with wearing a hydration vest, but they are SO easy to get used to and really are amazing and necessary for marathon training. There are several pockets (two big mesh draw-string and one zip up non-mesh) to allow you to store your things. I use the pockets for my Honey Stinger Chews, cell phone, keys, money (for a post-run coffee treat), tissues, etc. Everything fits comfortably, and the pack stay secure throughout your entire run! Plus, it comes in several cute color combos to match all of your running gear! Get it here!

Erin Condren Life Planner: Organization is key to keeping up with your fitness and nutrition schedule! I’ve been a fan of the Life Planner from Erin Condren for years, always ordering a new one in October! With so many planners out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. I love the EC Life Planner because it’s functional and super cute. With monthly and weekly layouts, you can organize your nutrition, your workouts, programs, etc. There are sections for notes, full monthly calendars to look at things on a bigger scale, and also areas to write in your goals! You can choose from tons of cute covers and personalize them with your name. Seriously, I would probably lose it if I even lost my Life Planner! If you order through my referral link you’ll get $10 off your first purchase! Order yours here!

Wild and Free Project shirt: I’m so in love with this line and their mission. Founded by Alexa Jean Brown, Instagram fitness celeb and creator of several at-home 30 day fitness guides (her 30 Day Abs is a fantastic Ebook!), this clothing line is super cute, super comfy AND they donate a portion of the proceeds to the Kylie Rowand Foundation which helps support children and their families fighting childhood cancer. Cute tanks, long sleeve shirts, tees and hoodies, these shirts will keep you stylish from the gym to the street! I’m currently obsessing over this “Coffee Addict” long sleeve and just purchased it for myself… so cute! Get it here!

Energize: From the Beachbody Performance Line (official sports nutrition supplement of the Ironman North America Series), this pre-workout supplement is my go-to for quick energy and a little kick in the butt before an intense workout! Fantastic for those mornings where the last thing you want to do is push play or head into the gym for a class, this powder mixes easily with water and tastes great (like sweet lemonade, minus the tart). My favorite thing about Energize is that it’s free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and has no preservatives! It’s a pre-workout that you can really feel good about using and one that delivers a great hit of energy without those awful jittery side effects! Get it here… or message me for more info!

So there you have it! What would this fit chick want for Christmas? All of the above! Hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration to get something that will help your loved one on her journey to better health and fitness! The holiday’s can be so full of temptations and treats so it’s nice to receive something that allows you to take care of your body. Enjoy and let me know if you gift any of my suggestions and how she likes them!

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