Core De Force Review

Let’s talk about my new favorite program from Beachbody… CORE DE FORCE! I just finished up my first round of this powerhouse program and can honestly say that I have NEVER felt my core work so hard in my life! You know when you’re doing an ab workout and you can actually FEEL the muscles firing and your core getting stronger? Well imagine that for every. single. workout! In just thirty days I lost six total inches… HALF of which were from my waist. The best part… I never got bored. Seriously! Even though I was doing the same workouts, there was so much variety and switching them up throughout the week, along with really REALLY fun moves, it kept me excited and looking forward to pushing play every day! So let me break the program down and talk a bit more about the workouts and nutrition.

The Workouts: Core De Force focuses on three types of workouts: MMA-style, core specific and then strength training (without weights). The MMA-style workouts (MMA Speed, MMA Power, MMA Shred and MMA Plyo) are broken up into “rounds” that are 3 minutes each. Each round includes 1 minute of an MMA-inspired combo (punches and kicks to the max) followed by a 30 second “spike” (think high knees, jump lunges and “ground to fighter stance” – a move that I’m pretty sure the devil himself created) and then repeat! So combo – spike – combo – spike and then a 30 second rest before you start into the next round! The MMA workouts are usually 9 or 12 rounds (with the first one being 6), so a bit of difference in length if you’re used to something like the 21 Day Fix and it’s 30 minute workouts. But still, the longest workout you’ll see is 47 minutes and come on, who doesn’t have 47 minutes to spare in their day!

The core specific workouts include “Core Kinetics” (16 minutes) and “5 Minute Core on the Floor” (7 minutes… kidding). Both of these workouts focus 100% on your core. I say that because ALL of the workouts in Core De Force are working your core! These two are just ONLY core. 5 Minute Core on the Floor consists of 5 1-minute planks with variations (you don’t think 5 minutes is enough time to burn… but this one is intense). Core Kinetics is SO much fun! There are seven moves (all on the floor and all focusing on various parts of your abs) and then you repeat the series. The moves are very different than traditional “core work” – think extended leg pushes, boxer crunches, and toe touch hip escapes! As you move forward through the program, the core workouts become more interspersed with your regular workouts, so you’re getting even MORE core as the weeks go on!

The final set of workouts are strength training specific. Again, none of these workouts require a single piece of equipment, so you may be wondering how in the heck you’re getting a strength workout. Y’all… body weight exercises are AMAZING for toning and building muscle!! Dynamic Strength and Power Sculpt both focus on using your own body weight to sculpt muscle. Think squats, lunges, and literally every variation of push-up you could ever possibly think of! Both workouts do have cardio thrown in with the moves, so you’ll still be getting your heart rate up while focusing on becoming stronger.

Nutrition: The nutrition plan for Core De Force follows right along with the typical Beachbody/21 Day Fix program. The main focus is on clean eating and portion control using the portion control containers that you’d get with 21 Day Fix. The only difference is that in week two you add an additional purple (fruit) and in week three you add an additional healthy fat before dropping back to the normal plan for the final week. The thought process and science behind this is that the workouts are getting more intense during this time and your body needs more calories and nutrition to help build muscle… and anytime I’m able to throw some extra avocado into my day, it’s a good thing! Of course, just like any program, adding in Shakeology and all it’s super food goodness will also help you reach your goals!


  • So. Much. FUN! I’m so serious when I say that this program is an absolute blast! I’ve always been a fan of MMA-style workouts and loved taking Combat classes at the gym… being able to do it in the comfort of my own home is so awesome! And let’s face it, it’s impossible not to feel like a total bad ass when you’re in the middle of these combos!!
  • No equipment needed. This makes Core De Force a great workout for people who travel a lot (you never know what the hotel gym will have… or not have) or aren’t quite ready to build a home gym. All you need is you!
  • Core work in every single move. It’s always been hard for me to whittle my middle (clever right?), focusing on traditional ab work has just never done the trick. But with this program, every single move is seriously engaging your mid-section and helping you carve out that flat belly and six pack!
  • The program builds on itself. Unlike the 21 Day Fix where you’re doing the same workouts for three weeks in the same order, Core De Force switches it up each week and the workouts build on themselves, adding in more core and longer workouts.
  • Time length – the full program is 30 days total. 30 days! Compared to some other Beachbody programs that are 90 days, this shorter length makes this an incredible program to commit to and STICK WITH!
  • Results. Results. RESULTS!! I lost a total of six inches completing this program, half of which came from my waist! Not only did I lose the inches, but I feel SO much stronger and leaner!


  • The workouts are longer than what most Beachbody challengers and coaches may be used to. The longest workout is 47 minutes but towards the end of the program you are combining that workout with Core Kinetics for a total workout of over an hour.
  • Some of the moves can be a bit confusing and hard to get the first time you do them. Good news is that before you move into an MMA workout you can walk through the “Learn it and Work it” portion where Joel and Jericho break down the moves in a slower and easier to follow version before you crank it up for the real thing!

Equipment needed: Absolutely NOTHING! You may want to have a mat to do the core workouts, but seriously, not a single piece of equipment is required so you can take this workout anywhere!

There’s a reason why I’ve been saying that this is my absolute favorite program… not just because it’s new, but because it’s fun, and will get you serious results! Ready to jump in and commit to 30 days of ass-kicking combos?! Contact me at or complete the form below and let’s get started!


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