The Importance of Having a Coach

When I first started out on my health and fitness journey way back when, the thought of having a “Coach” never crossed my mind. I figured I was grown woman, I could figure out how to lose weight and get in shape on my own… and I could. I bought a gym membership and I showed up, I bought running shoes and I hit the pavement. But what I lacked was a support system and someone who could give me advice along the way, help me recognize my successes and work on my weaknesses. I lacked someone in my corner to push me when things got hard. I lacked someone to check in on me weekly and see how I was doing… and so I failed over and over again to lose weight and keep it off.

When I started with Beachbody in February of last year I signed up with my Coach, Ashley (she’s on the left, isn’t she a bombshell??), because we went to school together and her posts were motivational. I saw her become a mom of two little girls and still make time for herself, her fitness, and have a rockin’ bod. I had no idea what having a Coach really meant but I wanted to give the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology a shot and she seemed to know a lot about it. The advice, motivation and accountability that she provided for me those first few months was literally priceless. She’s the reason that I continued on this journey and didn’t give up like so many times before. Once I started seeing the results that came from at-home fitness, nutrition, and having someone in my corner, I knew that I wanted to pursue Coaching as a career and it quickly grew into a passion. So, what will a Coach do for you and your journey?

Why have a Coach?

Advice on Workouts/Programs: There are SO many programs available on Beachbody On Demand (over forty programs and over six THOUSAND workouts), so it’s important to have someone that knows the system and can help you make sense of it all. As a Coach, it’s my job to be up to date on all of the programs that Beachbody offers so that I can recommend the best program for my challengers’ goals and needs. If you have knee issues, you wouldn’t want to be doing a high intensity program like Insanity. If you’re already a fitness enthusiast looking to do something intense, you most likely won’t want to start with Yoga Booty Ballet. Having a Coach helps you to plan out and discover what programs will work for YOU. The great thing about On Demand is that there are so many workouts to chose from, and having a Coach will help you to pick the best one.

Accountability: I run a challenge group where over fifty women post daily and hold each other accountable to their goals. The challenge group is where the magic happens, and as a Coach, I LOVE to see the entire group motivating one another to succeed! There’s something about physically logging a workout and Shakeology into the app that keeps me pushing forward with my journey. And if the accountability of the group isn’t enough, I also personally check in with all of my challengers every Sunday! These check-in sessions have quickly led to Sunday being my absolute favorite day! We talk about their successes and struggles over the past week, as well as goals. Having someone that you know is going to ask how your week was every seven days inspires my challengers to keep pushing from Monday to Sunday.

Advice on Nutrition: As a Coach, it’s basically my job to know the ins and outs of the portion fix container system, clean eating and the benefits of Shakeology. I LOVE sharing all of this with my challengers because let’s face it, results start in the kitchen! I provide all of my challengers with a free recipe E-book as well as share recipes within the group and on my Facebook page. Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring and I love to help other women find ways to incorporate delicious and nutritious food into their daily routines! I also help meal plan and really enjoy doing one-on-one virtual meal planning sessions with my challengers to break down their weeks into easy to plan spreadsheets. A little planning goes a LONG way when it come to sticking with your nutrition, and as your Coach, I’m here to help you through that process (and provide delicious Shakeology recipes along the way)!

Encouragement: I’ve said this over and over again, but the reason I’ve been successful on my health and fitness journey is the support and encouragement of my Coach. Having someone in your corner to tell you that you’re on the right track, encourage you when you feel like giving up and shouting out your successes (no matter how small you think they are!) is priceless. As a Coach, I’m my challengers’ biggest cheerleader. I’m in their corner day in and day out supporting them and making sure they know how proud I am of their journey. Even if you’re not someone that’s extremely social or if you enjoy doing things by yourself, having that one person to privately message and say “I need some advice” or someone to just send a motivational quote each week makes SUCH a difference in staying committed to your goals and ultimately achieving them! I also love doing impromptu challenges in the group to help keep my ladies motivated. Things like a “perfect week” challenge or a “gratitude” challenge to keep it fun and exciting… and to win great prizes and stay engaged on your journey!

What Challengers Are Saying…

I can talk all day long about my personal experience of having (and being) a Coach, but what about others? I threw the question out to my challenge group of “Is it important to have a Coach, and why?” and here are some of their responses:

“To be held accountable and to have a reliable source to answer questions! (Lord knows I always have questions. 😸)”

“Accountability!! And advice, and to have someone tell you you’re doing a great job even when you’re having off/cheat days. Sometimes when you feel like you’re struggling with it all, and not doing your best with the healthy lifestyle, and beating yourself up, coming to you about it and having you’re encouragement helps so much to get me right back on track. That’s one of the many reasons I kept failing time and time again on other diets and fads- I didn’t have anyone encouraging me to keep going.”

“I like the motivation you give. From the challenges to the weekly check ins. Keeps it fun!”

“Knowing someone out there who faces the same daily struggles as you and is trying to manage the same balance act is still out there getting it… and wants you to do that to… because each of us is worth a few minutes of our own time each day and sometimes it helps to be reminded of that.”

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve tried on your own to start your health and fitness journey but can’t quite seem to make it stick (me, me, me!), I would absolutely encourage you to get a Coach! My passion is helping women on their journeys to better health and confidence and I would LOVE to chat with you about the best option to fit your goals and needs! Reach out to me in the form at the top of my page titled “Start Your Fitness Journey” or always feel free to shoot me an email at!

What do YOU think?