I’m Going Streaking!

No no, not the kind in front of a soccer stadium full of thousands. I’m taking on the Runner’s World Run Streak starting today, and I’m pretty excited about it! So what exactly is the Run Streak, why am I doing it, and how can you be a part of it? Read on to find out more!

It sounds simple… and it is. The Run Streak is just that, a streak of running! Starting today on Memorial Day and ending on July 4th, I’ll be committing to running at least one mile a day. That’s it! It’s thirty seven consecutive days of running to get you through the month of June with a continued running fitness. Anything fancy to go along with it? Nope! You don’t have to sign up, register, or even specifically track your miles. All you need to do to be a part of the Run Streak is commit to running at least one mile a day until July 4th and you’re in!

So why am I streaking? A few reasons:

To maintain running fitness: I won’t be running a ton. Hell, I might just only run a total of 37 miles over these next 37 days! But the key to staying fit with running… is to RUN! I always notice that when I go several days between runs it feels harder. Yes, I’ve been running for several years so it’s not too difficult for me to jump back into it, but streaking will help to keep my running fitness at a higher level than if I wasn’t lacing up each day.

To stay consistent: I’m incredibly consistent with my workouts… but not so much with my running unless I’m training for a race. 2017 has been my “year of racing” so there hasn’t been too much of a stretch of time yet where I’m not running. However my last race was on May 20th, and I don’t kick off marathon training until July 11th, which is plenty of time for me to get out of my groove with consistent running… something I absolutely do NOT want to happen! Committing to running even just one mile every day will keep my running consistent in this off time between racing and training.

To get back into the mindset: It’s easy to get out of the runner mindset when you’re not running! I’ve found that when I’m fully committed to an at-home fitness program, my running goes a bit by the wayside and I’m not in the right mindset when I get back out on the pavement. Not to say that I can’t do both, I’ve successfully trained for a race and stuck to the full calendar for a strength training program at the same time, but going into marathon training I know that I won’t be focusing as much on my Beachbody workouts and I’d like to start shifting into that mindset prior to logging my first training run for the Richmond Marathon in July, because you know if you’ve ever completed a marathon that it’s as much about mindset as it is physical capability.

To go into marathon training prepared: This one may seem counterintuitive if you’re thinking that I should be resting before marathon training. But for me, it’s the exact opposite. I have a MUCH harder time going into a training cycle when I haven’t been consistently running leading up to the start of  training. And because marathon training is so physically and mentally taxing, I want to make sure I have the BEST preparation before moving into it around the middle of July.

So how will I be tracking my runs? Pretty simple really, I won’t be! This streak isn’t about logging a whole bunch of miles, it’s about getting back into a consistent running patter and as long as I’m running at least one mile a day, I won’t be tracking a single thing! I’ll probably be adding my #RWRunStreak pictures onto my Instagram story (sore_today_soar_tomorrow), but other than that, nothing will remain on the books! How can YOU join the streak? Also pretty simple… just do it! I’d love to have some friends running along with me over the next 37 days so if you want to join in, comment below and let’s go streaking together! Happy running folks!

What do YOU think?