Insanity Max:30 Review

Last Friday I took on my final workout of Insanity Max:30, Friday Fight Round 2, and thus ended my eight week love affair with Shaun T! Guys, this program is one of my absolute favorites, for so many reasons! Shaun T, no equipment, progressions, body weight training… they all combine to make an incredible program full of amazing workouts that will get you results! Read on for my full review of Insanity Max:30.

The Workouts

Insanity Max:30 consists of eight weeks, five workouts per week (or six if you include the recovery workout, Pulse), and 30 minutes per day. The program is split into two months (Month 1 and Month 2), with the workouts getting progressively more challenging as you move from Month 1 to 2. For Month 1, you’ll rotate through five different workouts: Cardio Challenge, Tabata Power, Sweat Intervals, Tabata Strength and Friday Fight: Round 1. Cardio Challenge, Sweat Intervals and Friday Fight: Round 1 consist of mainly cardio moves with some body weight training thrown in and are either 1 minute moves, or 30 second moves, three times in a row for a block which might look something like this: 30 second plyo lunge right leg, 30 second sprint/jack, 30 second diamond jump… 30 second plyo lunge left leg, 30 second sprint/jack, 30 second diamond jump… 15 second plyo jump right leg, 15 second plyo jump left leg, 30 second sprint/jack, 30 second diamond jump, rest. Make sense? No? Don’t worry… it gets much easier the more workouts you do! One of my biggest pieces of advise with this program is do not get discouraged! At first, these workouts will seem like a whirlwind and you might not be able to keep up… KEEP PUSHING!! The Tabata (Power and Strength) workouts are made up of Tabata intervals, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Really use these workouts to push as hard as you can during the work period! You WILL get a break, and these 20 seconds are where you’ll really make change!

For Month 2, you’ll move into a second set of five workouts: Max Out Cardio, Max Out Power, Max Out Sweat, Max Out Strength and Friday Fight: Round 2. You’re in the second month… so these workouts will be more challenging than Month 1, be prepared! They do however follow basically the same outline as Month 1 except for that in the Tabata style workouts (Max Out Power and Max Out Strength), your intervals are 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off! These workouts are fierce. They will absolutely leave you breathless, but again, just keep pushing and know that you’re making SO much progress! And for the love of God do not be afraid to take a break! The whole point of Insanity Max:30 is to push yourself as hard as you can until you “max out” (aka, can’t do another single second), you then write that time down on the calendar and then jump back into the workout. It’s so awesome to see your times increase week after week for the same workouts… you can see your progress each time you make it just one minute longer!


Just like with all of the Beachbody workouts, the meal plan follows along with 21 Day Fix. I focused heavily on my nutrition for this program and stuck to my meal plan about 96% throughout the week. The weekends for me are a time of relaxation and letting loose a bit on my nutrition. Do I go crazy and eat anything I want? No. But I don’t strictly follow my meal plan from Friday after work through to Sunday evening! I have a beer, I have tacos, I enjoy my days off (while still working out)! I’m a big fan of the 80/20 rule and find that it keeps me sane on my fitness journey. Yes, I would probably see even better results if I stuck to it 100% of the time. But at the end of the day, I’m so thrilled with the changes I’m seeing in my body and my strength and mindset, that it’s completely worth it!

So to meal plan, I would always recommend making sure that you have the portion fix container system (if you don’t, let me know and I can help you get it!). Utilizing the containers has helped me realize where I was grossly overestimating food groups (carbs… always eating wayyyy too many carbs) and underestimating others (protein… definitely was NOT eating enough protein). Once you use the containers for long enough you’ll be able to eyeball the correct portions for different food groups, but I honestly still go back to them daily because they really do HELP me with my nutrition! And along with the container system, I can’t stress Shakeology enough!! Super food nutrition, easy, convenient, and delicious. I drink my shake for lunch daily and have the energy to power through the rest of my day and resist the cravings that used to hit me around 3:00. Seriously, just try it. There’s a 100% money back guarantee so you have literally nothing to lose!

Equipment Needed

What I love most about this program is that much like Core De Force, it’s a “take it anywhere” kind of thing. Meaning… you need absolutely ZERO equipment throughout the entire eight weeks. The only piece of “equipment” that I used was my mat for abs and when I had to drop to my knees for push-ups… that’s it! No weights, no bench, no bands, no pull up bar… NOTHING! Just you and your body for a daily 30 minutes of all out intensity!


This program was about so much more than physical results in the sense of the scale. Actually, I GAINED weight completing it, just like I did with 22 Minute Hard Corps! However, I lost 2.5 inches and gained SO much strength! I’m now able to do full on push-up jacks… like, seriously, I can freaking get into a plank position, jack my feet out and do a full up-down push-up at the same time, how bad ass is that?? I found myself modifying less and less throughout the program and am seeing SO much definition in my arms, legs and back! And my love handles are shrinking like crazy! The intense cardio bursts were also amazing for my cardiovascular strength (my wind sprints are hella good right now when I’m running thanks to this program!) as well as for fat loss! I always tell my challengers not to judge a program based on your weight loss. I didn’t lose a single pound over these eight weeks, but the results I achieved with muscle gain and all over toning were amazing!

Pros and Cons

Pros: NO equipment needed; a program that you can take anywhere so it’s great for traveling; workouts increase in intensity as you move through the two months; meal plan is easy to follow; you WILL get stronger; Shaun T is amazing!

Cons: If you enjoy lifting weights, this is NOT your program (all body weight); eight weeks can seem like a long time to do the same program with only ten different workouts.

Final Thoughts

I attempted Insanity Max:30 last year but stopped about half way through to take on the Ultimate Reset (you can read about my semi-fail of that program here… although I do want to try it again after this next marathon). Now, having gone through the full eight weeks, I can say that this is one of my FAVORITE Beachbody programs! No equipment needed, take it anywhere, full on intensity and I love it! Also, Shaun T is just a freaking rock star and one of the most motivating people you will ever see! When you’re about to fall out, thinking you’re going to die in the middle of burpee diamond jumps, he knows just what to say to keep you going and I LOVE that about him!

If you’re looking for a fun, intense, no gym needed program with TONS of crazy moves, then give IM:30 a try! It’s included in your Beachbody On Demand yearly access membership and you’ll get all the support you need from me as your coach and the challenge group! Contact me (dstrosnider005@gmail or click here) or leave a comment below to get started on your journey today!

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