Recommitting to Yourself

If you follow me on social media then you know that Monday I returned to the States from two and a half weeks in Europe… and it was absolutely incredible! Bruce and I flew into Paris and spent seventeen days making our way down through France and Spain, ending in Seville for the wedding of my childhood friend. We saw amazing sights, spent some incredible time together, and enjoyed embracing other cultures. And part of traveling for me includes trying all of the incredible local food and drink… and that’s how I’m getting to the point of this post.

I ate and drink… A LOT while we were overseas. I said before we left that I was going to give myself the freedom to enjoy EVERY part of the countries we visited and for this trip that meant lots of paella, crepes, cheese, ham, calamari, croquettes, croissants… pretty much all of the carbs you can think of! It also included sleeping in late, staying out until the wee hours of the morning, and drinking alcohol at basically every single meal… and then lots more once the sun went down! And while we walked a TON during our travels, I didn’t go on a single run or push play on a single workout.

Long story short, I’m feeling pretty crappy. I’m bloated, sluggish, and while I jumped back in with my exercise right away (pretty much have to since I’m in the middle of marathon training), I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing with my nutrition. So, I have two options: I can continue on this path and throw my hard work out the window, or I can get back on track and recommit to myself, my health, and my goals. You bet your ass I’m choosing option two!

So, how am I going to do it? Here are my five steps to help recommit to your journey:

1 – Know Your Numbers: As much as it can suck, the best way to recommit to your fitness is to know EXACTLY where you are in the current moment. This means taking measurements and photos to know where I stand. Yesterday morning, the first thing I did when I woke up was pull out my trusty tape measurer, step on the scale (I don’t normally do this… but needed it for my jumping off point) and took some selfies. I’m definitely feeling like I’ve lost a lot of progress, but knowing where I’m starting from is good and gives me a sense of control. And I also absolutely cannot state how important photos are as a measurement for progress… so huge in your journey!

2 – Set a Goal: It’s much easier to recommit to your journey when you have a goal to push towards. A lot of people start with “I want to get fit”… which is great… but it’s not really a SMART goal (read more about that here!). You need to have something that’s more concrete and not so arbitrary. And the cool thing about setting a goal is that once you hit it, you can set so many more! So to start out, my goal is to stick to my nutrition 80% and complete all of my scheduled runs weekly. While my ultimate goal will be 100% nutrition, I know that going from eating like crap to eating super healthy overnight isn’t realistic… baby steps are OK!

3 – Make a Plan and Get Organized: Fail to plan and plan to fail! It’s SO important to have something down on paper for how you’re going to get back on the wagon and stay committed to your fitness journey. For me, I’m a HUGE fan of planners. I recently discovered (thanks to a fellow coach) the Happy Planner Fitness Edition (get it here on sale!) and am obsessed with the layout and how it’s helping me visualize and get back on track! Once I’ve been using it for a while I’ll do an entire post on the planner itself, but long story short, it allows you to track your progress (weight and measurements) plus has monthly calendars for big things (races, trainings, etc) and weekly two-page layouts for meal planning and writing down your exercise and water intake (along with notes and goals for the week). Make a plan for your meals! I use a google sheets layout that I created (which is free for anyone on my team, hint hint, join us!!) and then transfer it into the planner once it’s finalized (it’s nice to move things around while I’m planning on the electronic spreadsheet). Plan it out… and stick to it!

4 – Stay Committed: I know it sounds blunt… but the reason I’m having to recommit is because, DUH!… I didn’t stay committed in the first place!! This is the absolute hardest part of any fitness journey, making it a journey instead of just a short stint in fitness land. As a health and fitness coach you would think that I stay on top of my exercise and nutrition 100% of the time, but it’s not true. We ALL have times when we fall, when the “easy way” is so tempting and we take a break that turns into an all out shift in our healthy lifestyles. It’s not easy to stay the path… my advice? CONSTANTLY recommit yourself to your journey! Set those goals, celebrate the small wins! Don’t dwell on it when you have a misstep, just keep pushing and recommit again. I like to use a vision board on Pinterest to load up with images that remind me of WHY I started this journey (and no, don’t just put up pictures of flat abs and perfect butts… my board has pictures of strength, long runs, marathon finish times, healthy foods, etc). Try it!

5 – Get Support: Easiest way to keep up your commitment and continue to rock your fitness journey? Surround yourself with others on the exact same path! Get support, accountability, and motivation… it’s so important. My challenge group is filled with over seventy women all on the same journey to better health and fitness. We post daily, hold each other accountable to our goals and celebrate each and every victory. There is SO much power in knowing that you’re not alone in this and as a coach I can say with 110% certainty that my challengers who engage in the group are much more successful on their journeys than those who try to go it alone.

So there you have it! You fall off the horse and you get back on, and these are my five tips on how to do just that! If you’re ready to start your fitness journey with at-home workouts, a delicious superfood shake, an easy meal plan, and the support of an amazing group of women, shoot me an email ( and start working toward your goals with us today!

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