Apps to Help You Succeed

If you’re like me, then you constantly have your phone attached to you at all moments of the day. I know, I know, I should disconnect… but as someone who uses social media and apps to build and maintain her business as well as reach potential customers and stay connected with current challengers and team members… it’s freaking hard to put that thing away!! I’m also gearing up for the iPhone X. Yes, I will be one of those idiots that sells a kidney for the newest Apple gadget… sorry, not sorry!

With all of the time we spend on our phones on a daily basis… it’s important to make them work for us not only with managing schedules, emails, businesses and staying up to date on the latest in cute baby goats (I’m looking at you Goats of Anarchy! Mellie is my fav, go follow them right now), but with our own health and fitness as well! Read on for some of my favorite apps that help me stay the path on my health and fitness journey!


21 Day Fix App: If you follow a Beachbody program, then you know that the portion fix containers are life. Seriously. They keep me within my targets and not counting calories with their cute little color coded boxes. I use a spreadsheet to plan out my meals (see Google Sheets below), but sometimes life gets crazy and the plan can break down on days when I have a million things going on. This app let’s me track my containers in real time to stay on plan. I don’t use this one everyday anymore (since the containers are basically second nature to me now)… but it’s an awesome app for someone just starting out with the portion fix system!


My Challenge Tracker: If you’re looking for support, accountability and encouragement, as well as a way to track your Shakeology and workouts, this is your app!! I run a year long Challenge Group through this (FREE!) app and it includes over 80 women all on their own journey to better health and fitness using Beachbody at-home programs and a focused nutrition shake. The app is set up a lot like Facebook, where you can update your status with a post or picture, as well as track your workout and Shakeo daily. You can also comment and like other posts which is so amazing for staying encouraged! I also love this app because it’s in real time with notifications and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a post go up at 9:38 PM “Hey ladies, I really need to get my workout in before work tomorrow but hate getting up early… is anyone else working out early that can text me and hold me accountable?”… and within minutes there are four responses, “I can!”, “Yes, I’ll text you when I wake up!”, etc. It’s AMAZING!! Just knowing that others are on the same journey is so powerful. I also like to do fun challenges throughout the year and give-aways with different prizes! This app is free and included when you get started with a challenge pack.


Google Sheets: Let me preface this app by admitting that I’m an organizational freak. With that being said, Google Sheets is amazing for me to keep up with all of the things I would normally put down onto paper. I keep a spreadsheet for my marathon training, as well as one for meal planning. The one for meal planning I have broken down into days of the week, containers (from the portion fix container system), and meals/snacks. It’s SO helpful to get on my computer each weekend and plan for the upcoming week and THEN have it all on my phone when I’m out and about! Google Sheets keeps me sticking to my meal plan and not having to carry around a paper version! Also, you’ll get a blank copy of the exact meal planning spreadsheet I use (customized to YOUR calorie bracket) when you get started on your journey with me as your Coach!


Fit Journey: This little app is pure gold. Have you ever heard about a food journal? They’re amazing tools to pin point what you’re taking in each day and how it makes you feel… but lugging around a big notebook is cumbersome, and it’s awkward to pull out your pen and pad at the dinner table each night. I love a virtual tracker, but I don’t count calories (I end up obsessing over it and it’s just not healthy for me), so something like My Fitness Pall won’t work. I found Fit Journey a few years ago and am STILL using it. It’s super simple, just click a picture of your food/drink and that’s it! No calorie counting, just accountability for your fuel!




Body Measurement Tracker: I preach over and over again to my challengers that the scale is NOT the best measurement for your progress throughout your journey! When I completed 22 Minute Hard Corps I actually GAINED weight, but I lost a ton of inches and totally changed the way my body looked. I’m a big fan of pictures and body measurements for tracking your success. This app has both! An easy to follow measurement input system that shows you how many inches you’ve lost and is simple to use, as well as a great feature that allows you to take progress pictures AND compare them side by side! I love that you can see really how far you’ve come all in one screen!


BOD: Beachbody on Demand is my absolute jam! This app allows you to take ALL of your at-home workouts with you on the go and workout wherever, whenever. With your All Access pass you get access to every single workout on BOD (over 6000, it’s insane) and you can even download them to your device to be able to play even if you don’t have internet connection (read my post here about how BOD came in handy for me in Mexico!) which is amazing! I normally use the app on my iPad (since I’m a grandma and can’t see well these days) but love having it on my phone as well. It’s great for a nice yoga flow at lunch, or a quick 10 minute workout when I’m on the go!


Instagram: I’m a huge Instagram fan in general. It’s where I run most of my business, and hands down my favorite social media platform. But aside from my own page, I really enjoy using Instagram to gain inspiration from others on my own journey! A quick search of “Fitness” or “Weightloss Journey” will yield some incredible accounts and posts to really keep you motivated on your own journey! My only word of caution… remember that Instagram is SOCIAL MEDIA and that it’s normally someone’s highlight reel. If you find yourself falling into self-doubt or the evil comparison game, then close the app immediately! I encourage you to take the time to find accounts that highlight the highs, AND the lows, of their journey!


Pinterest: The mother of all things craft, recipe and cute quotes, Pinterest is my jam! I’m always using it to find delicious recipes (just a simple “21 Day Fix approved” search will yield thousands of yummy options!) as well as inspirational quotes and images to share on my social media and in my challenge group! I have different boards for various categories like “Dinner”, “Lunch”, “Shakeology Recipes” and “Inspiration and Motivation” and having the app on my phone allows me to pop in and grab a recipe or quote when I’m on the go!


So there you have it, my TOP apps to help you totally rock your health and fitness journey!! As always, I’m here if you’re thinking about starting an at-home fitness program and need some help with accountability! Simply fill out this form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to chat about your goals, your current routine, and the best plan to help you look and feel your absolute best!!

What do YOU think?