21 Day Fix Challenge Group!

For the past four months, running has been my life as I’ve been training for the Richmond Marathon. With less than two weeks to go to race day, I’m starting to think about what fitness program to jump into after the big twenty-six point two is over. I’m super pumped about our newest program, Shift Shop, which is all about agility training (and the results from the initial groups is INSANE!)… but I do have another half-marathon about three weeks after the Richmond Marathon, so I don’t want to dive into a program that’s TOO intense until I’m officially done with racing for a bit.

So… what better at-home program to take on for the three weeks after the marathon than my favorite go-to, 21 Day Fix! This program is what I initially started with when I first began my journey with Beachbody. It taught me all about portion control, clean eating, and making fitness a daily habit. It’s also the perfect program to come back to when you need to re-focus on your goals. After running for four month… that’s exactly what I need! And I’d love to invite you to join me!!

What is the 21 Day Fix program?

Nutrition: 21 Day Fix is based around portion control, clean eating, and a daily focused nutrition shake. You’ll use color-coded containers to guide you through what a correct portion size looks like. You’ll also focus on WHOLE foods, not overly processed and packaged things. You’ll eat from ALL of the food groups… veggies, fruits, proteins, healthy fats, oils, and even CARBS! You’ll also have some wiggle room for treats! It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating RIGHT! You’ll also have Shakeology each day to help make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need while you’re working out and focusing on your health. To make nutrition easy, I’ve made a “fill in the blank” spreadsheet for meal planning that will help you stay on target for your container goals each day. Also, specially for this challenge group, I’m providing meal plans that are already PRE-DONE for you in the group files! All you have to do is download them, tweak them to your liking and grocery shop!!

Fitness: I love the 21 Day Fix program because it makes fitness a DAILY habit. You’ll have seven different workouts, one to be completed each day for the entire three weeks. The workouts are all under 30 minutes in length (perfect for busy girls like myself!) and focus on everything from cardio, to weights, to Pilates and yoga! Equipment needed is minimal, with just two sets of dumbbells, one heavy and one light. And the best thing about each workout? They can all be done right in the comfort of your own home! No going to the gym or even leaving the house… just press play in your living room, commit to yourself for 30 minutes, and you’re done for the day!

Support: The biggest factor in the healthy weight loss equation is support and accountability. For this challenge, you’ll have access to my group of over 80 women, all working towards their goals and supporting each other every single day! You’ll post your workouts and Shakeology shakes in the free app which looks and feels a lot like Facebook. You’ll have motivational quotes added, fun challenges, and most of all, the support of an entire group of women behind you! You’ll also have me as your coach to check in weekly and help you to plan your goals and stick with them!

We’ll kick off on Monday, November 13th and will finish our three week round on Sunday, December 3rd… just in time to lead into Round 1 of SHIFT SHOP!! Ready to head into the holiday season strong? Want to lose 5-10 pounds? Have you decided to jump in and COMMIT to yourself and your goals?? If you’re interested in joining me and my team for 21 Day Fix, feel free to fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours… LET’S DO THIS!!

80 Day Obsession Challenge Group Application

80 Day Obsession Challenge Group Application

This challenge is for those NOT already working with a Coach.
This program is for anyone, this question is just for me to get to know you!

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