Shaun Week is Coming!

If you follow me on social media you’ve seen my posts about “Shaun Week”… so what is it and why am I SO freaking pumped about it?? Shaun Week is a brand new program from Shaun T (one of my absolute favorite Beachbody super trainers, and just an all around amazing person). It’s exclusive to Beachbody On Demand and it’s only seven days in length. I say ONLY seven days but let’s be serious, if it’s from Shaun T, you know it’s going to make you WORK!

The Workouts: Based on what I’ve seen so far from Team Beachbody it looks like we can expect new workouts from Shaun T much like his Insanity and T25 programs. Both Insanity (Asylum, Max:30, etc) and T25 are heavily focused on cardio (mainly HIIT – high intensity interval training) and body weight exercises. For both programs you don’t need a single piece of equipment. You’ll use your own body as your weight and focus on Continue reading →

I’m Going Streaking!

No no, not the kind in front of a soccer stadium full of thousands. I’m taking on the Runner’s World Run Streak starting today, and I’m pretty excited about it! So what exactly is the Run Streak, why am I doing it, and how can you be a part of it? Read on to find out more!

It sounds simple… and it is. The Run Streak is just that, a streak of running! Starting today on Memorial Day and ending on July 4th, I’ll be committing to running at least one mile a day. That’s it! It’s thirty seven consecutive days of running to get you through the month of June with a continued running fitness. Anything fancy to go along with it? Nope! You don’t have to sign up, register, or even specifically track your miles. All you need to do to be a part of the Run Streak is commit to running at least one mile a day until July 4th and you’re in!

So why am I streaking? A few reasons: Continue reading →

Race Review: The James River Scramble

On Saturday I ran in the James River Scramble 10K. I forgot I had signed up for this race (which is part of Dominion Riverrock) way back when and when I got the e-mail last week with instructions for packet pick-up I thought about just skipping it. Boy am I glad I didn’t because this race was an absolute freaking BLAST!! Have you ever had so much fun while you’re running that you literally just smile the entire time? Well that was me on Saturday morning running this trail race! Read on for my full review and make sure to check it out next year!

Expo and Packet Pick-Up: There is technically no expo in the traditional sense, but Riverrock itself is one GIANT weekend long expo and something you should absolutely take advantage of! As an outdoor festival there are SO many interesting booths and fun demonstrations to check out. The festival runs from Thursday evening through Sunday and I would definitely recommend spending some time wandering around Brown’s Island and checking out everything Riverrock has to offer! While the “expo” is hands down awesome,  I only have one qualm about this race, and that is the packet pick-up situation. Packet pick-up is held at the American Civil War Museum at historic Tredegar in downtown Richmond. While the ease of picket pick-up was simple (just find your name and pick up your packet), it’s the parking Continue reading →

The Importance of Having a Coach

When I first started out on my health and fitness journey way back when, the thought of having a “Coach” never crossed my mind. I figured I was grown woman, I could figure out how to lose weight and get in shape on my own… and I could. I bought a gym membership and I showed up, I bought running shoes and I hit the pavement. But what I lacked was a support system and someone who could give me advice along the way, help me recognize my successes and work on my weaknesses. I lacked someone in my corner to push me when things got hard. I lacked someone to check in on me weekly and see how I was doing… and so I failed over and over again to lose weight and keep it off.

When I started with Beachbody in February of last year I signed up with my Coach, Ashley (she’s on the left, isn’t she a bombshell??), because we went to school together and her posts were motivational. I saw her become a mom of two little girls and still make time for herself, her fitness, and have a rockin’ bod. I had no idea what having a Coach really meant but I wanted to give the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology a shot and she seemed to know a lot about it. The advice, motivation and accountability that she provided for me those first few months was literally priceless. She’s the reason that I continued on this journey and didn’t give up like so many times before. Once I started seeing the results that came from at-home fitness, nutrition, and having someone in my corner, I knew that I wanted to pursue Coaching as a career and it quickly grew into a passion. So, what will a Coach do for you and your journey? Continue reading →